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I've read that any big change takes a generation. Largely the young are the ones to fully embrace change and take progress forward. The less expensive, home 3D printers could be a sign of this happening today.

- Jim Kor, Urbee Project

mondo (mŏn-dō)

defn. Used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind; very; extremely; large; huge; significant;

What have
you printed

We are 3D Printing Gear, a company dedicated to bring it’s customers the newest and innovative products in the 3D printing market. Our initial offering is the Mondo Box, a subscription based sample filament box shipped out each month to our subscribers. The Mondo Box includes five 20m spools of 3D printer filament. These samples are hand selected based on factors that include, color, composition, brand and novelty. Subscribers will then have opportunities to share their experience with their samples through our social media outlets, contests and feedback surveys.  Stay tuned for new products as we grow!

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