3DPG was at the Worlds Maker Faire in New York and a faire it was.

3DPG was at the Worlds Maker Faire in New York and a faire it was.  The maker movement is strong and the number of people utilizing 3D printing as part of their creative design is impressive.  Getting out to talk people about 3DPG and what it is we are trying to accomplish in the world of 3D printing was amazing.  We even got to speak to the known by just one name “Prusa”.  Josep was kind enough to chat and take a photo to say hi!  The Prusa booth was impressive showing off their new SLA printer the “SL1” along with their now line of filament called… Prusament!  What we saw if it and the same we acquired are impressive.  The accuracy of the filament’s diameter cal be checked with the included QR code that is specific for each individual spool, now that is raising the bar!  Yet that is come to be expected of any product that is offered from Prusa.  We do in the near future plan on including Prusament in our monthly box so keep an eye and ear out for that in the upcoming months!  We would like to welcome our new subscriber and want to hear from everyone on what it is we can do to help continue to make the “Mondo Box” the best choice for your filament fix!




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