Can I use a freight forwarder to get my subscription shipped outside of the US?

YES!  As long as you can address the box to the freight forwarder and no other labeling or documentation requirements exist, you can sign up for our subscription and have it freight forwarded to you.  

Can I pick my subscription up?

Right now we are operating out of our homes and our local makerspace.  We do not have a storefront for anyone to visit at this time so local pickup is not an option.

Can I gift a subscription?

YES! You can easily sign up for a subscription to someone else using your own credit card to pay for the subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

YES!  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  However if you are cancelling for a current month after the cut-off date, your cancellation will take effect after we ship this month’s shipment.  

Can I return my whole box for a refund?

We offer very flexible subscription terms allowing you to cancel anytime before our cutoff date.  Once the cutoff date is reached, your subscription for that month is non-refundable.

I didn’t like X filament. Can I return it?

The purpose of the Mondo Box subscription is to give you samples to try and see if you like it or not.  Everyone is different and not everyone will like the same thing.  So you can’t return a specific sample for a replacement just because you didn’t like it. 

Are you going to sell other things?

YES!  We plan on selling all sorts of items that you need in the 3D Printing realm.  We’re even researching other subscription models as well.  

Will you sell full spools of filament on your website?

We are looking at this as a possibility in the future.  At this point we don’t have the space to store stock for filament sales but as our organization grows, this will certainly be a priority for filaments that get great reviews.

I want more of a specific filament! How can I get it?

In each box (and showcased on our website and social media) will be instructions on how to get more of a specific filament.  The whole purpose of trying different samples is to find filament you like and give you the means of purchasing more.

Why is a 20m filament sample better than 16m?

In our tests, 20m of filament gives you the ability to print a larger single item or 2 smaller items.  Many of the prints that you can find can be printed in a 20m sample.  

Why don’t you ship outside of the US?

For our launch and for the foreseeable future, we are focusing our efforts in the United States.  We hope to expand our offering to include worldwide shipping in the future or to find partners to distribute for us in other countries.  If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us!

Will the subscription include Wood, Carbon Fiber and other filaments with addatives?

There are a lot of filaments where manufacturers are adding in materials (usually to PLA) that make it either appear or react in a certain way.  Wood filament is usually a PLA filament with wood particles added in.  Carbon Fiber is usually a higher temperature filament (like ABS) that is impregnated with Carbon Fiber particles.  There are many others like Conductive, Magnetic, Bronze, Copper and other metals.  Some of these work great in most printers and we will be providing those in the subscriptions samples.  However filaments that require the use of a hardened nozzle will not be included with our base Mondo Box subscription.  We believe that most people haven’t invested in a hardened nozzle and don’t want them destroying the nozzles they have.

What type of filaments will be in the box each month?

We are focused on providing filaments that everyone can use.  Most filaments will be PLA or filaments that can be printed in the temperature range of 185 to 235 degrees Celsius.  We will provide other filaments such as PVA, ABS, PETG, PET, PETT, HIPS, Nylon, TPE and Amphora.  

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